We make design part of your organization, front and center, integrated, well thought out. It's strategic and smart, always engaging the audience—we give power to the message.

Engaging & Inspiring

At Durre Design we have a clear understanding of the different demographics and how to speak to them. Converting marketing strategies into compelling messages, we design tailor-made solutions for specific target audiences. We maintain a diverse, multicultural sensibility and look beyond our own backyard for boundary-pushing solutions.

Excellence is a commitment and a state of mind.

Passion for Excellence

Durre Design is a multifaceted design and branding agency founded on a basic principle, a passion for design excellence. Since 2007 Durre Design has operated in Los Angeles serving a variety of clients. The company is located in the Southbay of Los Angeles and serves nonprofit institutions as well as for-profit companies.


We have a responsibility to help our clients become respected leaders in their field. We have a responsibility to create visual communication that is socially relevant, ethically correct, and provides sustainable solutions. We have a responsibility to make the creative work process as clear and stimulating as possible for everyone involved, on the client side and within our studio practice.


Design is not a stand-alone exercise in creativity. It’s a thorough process that requires collaboration and focus on both sides. Our work is not a cosmetic afterthought, but built into the strategic thinking evolved from the synergy between us and the client. At Durre Design, we listen to our clients, because you know your business better than we do.

AdamsMorioka / Allison Paschke / BMW Designworks / Body by Jake / Boxer Cafe / California Community Foundation / Celleo / CBRE / CO Architects / CO2 Solved / Condition One / DC Comics / Douglas Jamieson / Epsteen & Associates / ExerciseTV / Gaiam Inc. / Greenform / ILYS / Jeanne Hoel / Johnson & Johnson / Kingdom Outdoor Living / Larry Nicola / LazyTown / LRL LA / M Plus / M West Holdings / Mattel / Mavisten / MetroSplash Systems Group / Michael Almodova / Mo's Nose / MOCA / New Balance / Nova of California / Oakwood Legal Group / Pann's / Possible / Project GRAD / Robins Nest / Rokinii Shanghai / Rundavoo / S. Grohner Associates / SESO / Shimahara Illustration / Solbere / Stowell / Sundance Film Festival / Sundance Institute / TBWA Chiat Day / Tie The Knot / Timothy McCormack / UC Irvine / UCLA Anderson / University of Southern California / Warner Brothers Consumer Products / Wong Doody Crandall Wiener / Woofter Architecture / Yost Grube Hall / Ziva

With our expertise we help your brand voice out.


Not all messages fit easily and equally into all different media outlets. If you want to communicate effectively with your audience, your materials need to be tailored to the environment it will be consumed in. We believe environment-responsive messaging pays off.


Nobody wants to overspend for services and products. We work with you to determine the best and most cost-effective way to reach your communication goals. We have a network of vendors ready to assist with expertise in how to manufacture deliverables that maximize your budget. We want you to spend resources wisely.


As experts in design systems and complex crossmedia projects we are able to create a seamless experience throughout various marketing platforms and from print to online components. We are experts in our field, and we know what we are talking about.

Est. 2007

To create one's own world in any of the arts takes courage.

— Georgia O'Keefe