Sundance Film Festival 1

We designed the visual system and a variety of printed and online components for the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. It started with a logo treatment representing a glowing stick in a campfire…
The system was quickly implemented into a comprehensive style guide (an excerpt is shown above) which included a variety of logo versions, logos with tagline lock-ups, color palette, typeface palette, patterns, custom backgrounds, special typographic treatments, and sample applications.

Then the media campaign was rolled out with a series of ads featuring the resolution, a declaration of cinematic independence and call to action, written by Jan Fleming and Josh Rogers, our strategic and creative collaborators on this project. The resolution would become a cornerstone of the messaging for the festival, together with the words with the prefix RE such as revolt, reignite, renew.

We redesigned the website’s look and feel, while keeping the functionality and programming code unchanged. A series of online promos were created for different messages at different times of the year leading up to the festival.

The artwork, in particular artwork with versions of the logo, was applied to a large range a merchandise. 95% of it was manufactured in the U.S. (The design of the merchandise was not handled by us, but we helped brainstorming a few of the products.)

The film guide is a crucial tool for festival attendees when it comes to selecting films and navigating the festival with its many events. The film guide exists as a print piece and as PDF download from the website. We designed it to look and feel as if it had been produced in a hurry to convey a sense of immediacy that was crucial to the messaging.

The regular edition poster and the limited edition poster, capture the essence of message of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Both of them use fluorescent inks for increased impact, and are sold in the stores during the festival and on the web site.

We also designed several postcards, movie tickets, and credential badges that were printed on fluorescent paper.

The catalog is the keepsake of the Sundance Film Festival. We designed the pages, and then handed over the catalog files to the staff at Sundance Institute who used XML scripts to update the text.