CCF Print & Web Annual Report 1

The mission of the California Community Foundation is “Strengthening Los Angeles communities through effective philanthropy and civic engagement.” The organization mostly focuses its efforts on housing, accessible health care, education, and the arts.

CCF’s most important publication is the annual report for which DurreDesign is hired to conceptualize and design. The design concept “building blocks” signifies that CCF helps communities to build themselves and facilitates their organic growth.

The content focuses on tangible results in local philanthropy presented in a way draws the target audience into the content. The deliverables include online annual report, printed annual report, printed financial report, announcement postcard. One the main challenges of the project is how to translate the visual language from one medium to another.

The web site is a standalone mini-site built on a custom WordPress platfom, editable by staff. It includes various templates, searchable lists, and an interactive area where visitors can post their opinion about philanthropy in Los Angeles.

The printed version of the 2011 annual report uses a bold format and strong colors to create an atmosphere of vibrant activity. The step ladder binding of the report encourages interacting with the piecewhile the oversized pull quotes draw the reader into the content. Reading through the report the page spreads get wider and wider, until they culminate in a foldout map of Los Angeles with quotes from members of different communities in L.A.

The CCF financial report is a supplemental publication to the main annual report. Its target audience is clearly concerned with numbers and facts. Therefore we keep the design of the financial report technical and focused. At the same time it retains parts of the same DNA that make up the online and printed annual report.